I can hardly bear to think of you
To see your smiling face
Clark Arthur Kucheman 1931-2009
My grief for you will never end
But I must keep it hidden
inside this sacred place

I push the memories back and away
And keep my focus on today

I have to keep my love for you behind a living door
Or my broken heart breaks open again
and tears of blood begin to pour

I want so much to hear from you
a message from above
Those loving words you always said to me
“No Meldee, don’t ever doubt my love.”


Ashes to Ashes – Dust to Dust

Dearest Holy God of Heaven and Earth,

I return the burned body of my beloved husband,
Clark Arthur Kucheman to your earth.

Before I knew this man, I wandered the earth in desperate sorrow -

  • What is this life about ?
  • why am I here ?
  • what is love ?
  • where is love ?

In this man, you answered my prayer
In this man, you gave me life, healing, wholeness, LOVE

In awe and humble gratitude I thank you for the privilege of being his wife
How I have loved him – with all my heart and soul

Life, love and death on earth comes with unbearable sorrows
Therefore I pray Dear God,
Let not my anguish, my grief, my doubts and regrets weigh him down to earth
Let his regrets and sorrows fall back to earth so that he may soar as an angel in your heavenly realm above
Let him be free to live with you in the light of your love.
This I ask in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost



My Darling Clark,

Your love found me

  • wrapped me
  • held me
  • suspended me
  • warmed me
  • gave me
  • freed me

I will always love you.



In Loving Memory of My Beloved Husband
and Our Wonderful 23 Years of Love

Professor Clark Arthur Kucheman

Copyright© 1997-2018 by Melody Clark, Meadow Lark Press